52 Adventures Fundraises for Doctors Without Borders

Our family is so very blessed at this time to be having a relatively easy time of social distancing. I’m working from home like I have for years, everyone I know is healthy, and our stores are relatively well stocked. It would be the height of entitlement for me to just sit back, relax and enjoy it. And so I’m helping where I can. The drop-in breakfast for the homeless I would do every Saturday has, unfortunately, had to end, but as far as I know, the food bank volunteering I do on Wednesdays can continue as planned. But I want to do more and a few days ago I came up with a way to help by doing what we’ve been doing here for almost a year: putting myself in uncomfortable situations.

52 Adventures has always been about pushing myself to do what is uncomfortable and now I’ll be pushing it further for the benefit of others. Doctors Without Borders is working around the world during this pandemic. They are working to fight the spread, treat the sick, and educate people on how to stop the spread in their communities. They are also providing mental health education – something extremely important in what is, for many, one of the most stressful experiences of their lives. And so I am raising at least $2000 for this organization. 

Along the way, as I reach fundraising milestones, I will do progressively more challenging and uncomfortable tasks and filming them for your entertainment. All tasks will be able to be done with things in our house. Here are the tasks so far – more will be added as time goes on (Feel free to email me at ttyrtle@gmail.com with any additional ones you’d like to see)

At $100 I will do 30 push-ups (To date I’ve only been able to do just over 20) – I will need to stay in place until I accomplish them all. With proper form.

At $ 250 The biggest donor to date once chooses a scene / monologue from a (family friendly) movie to re-enact live using whatever props I can find or make at home.

At $ 500 There will be another scene but this time it will be a scene with at least two people. They will be played by Sage and I 

At $750 I will do a cooking challenge based on the TV show “Chopped”. Sage will make up a challenging box of ingredients with suggestions from donors. I will be filmed trying to make a delicious and attractive meal from them.

At $1000 I will do my kryptonite: Karaoke. I’ve never done Karaoke before and singing aloud feels so vulnerable even when I’m alone with my family. If we’re out of social distancing mode it will be in a real venue in front of other people. If not, it will be on Facebook Live and shared on Youtube later.

At $1,500 I will be do karaoke again. This time in Hindi (this will likely need to be online unless I can find a venue with the songs in Hindi available)

And at $2,000 Sage Tyrtle will cut and dye my hair in the same style as she wears hers. All of her head is shaved with the exception of the bangs at the front which are dyed blue. You can see photos here. I will maintain my hair like this for at least two weeks.

For every $1,000 raised after that I will continue to keep my hair in that style for one additional week.

All of this will be documented on videos shared throughout various social media platforms for everyone’s entertainment.

If you’re in a good financial situation, you can make your donations here. Of course if you’re not, I completely understand – it is a really terrible time for many. Feel free to help in whatever way you can from sharing this fundraiser to cheering me on or just laughing at the videos of me in a difficult situation.

Meanwhile, get ready for videos – donations have already started rolling in. The first one, me doing 30 push-ups will be coming tomorrow!

Click here to donate and/or share the fundraising page. Thanks so much!

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