Doctors Without Borders Fundraiser: Half Way There

What a tremendous response there’s been since even my last post. I rolled out this fundraiser on Monday and now, on Friday we have reached $1,055 raised for Doctors Without Borders. This is proceeding much more quickly than I expected and that means I’ve got another task to do! On Saturday afternoon I’ll do a monologue from a movie. The one that was chosen for me is from the movie Lord of the Rings. I’m pretty excited about it though I have to think about how I’m going to do costume, make-up and props for this one.

It will be done live on Sage’s Facebook Page but the recording will be posted here as well.

Click here to donate and/or share the fundraising page. Thanks so much!

7 thoughts on “Doctors Without Borders Fundraiser: Half Way There

  1. I am so excited. Truly. I am living sarcasm free during isolation. Think of it as a Lenten practice. So I really am looking forward to this one, though we know it is the Chopped Challenge that really has me salivating.

    1. I’m excited for that. It’s still a little ways away as there is another challenge ahead of it. We’re also trying to think about how to structure it so that we neither have to shop more than we normally would and also to ensure we don’t buy things we won’t need or use. It may end up looking more like a MasterChef Australia “Mystery Box” with a bunch of different ingredients and I have to make something tasty and good that focuses on one or two of them (but can use many – but not necessarily all).

      1. For sure – and she could also add things we know we’ll use within their lifetimes. I may get a clue, though. I do most of the shopping now.

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