Doctors Without Borders Fundraiser – Third Goal Met!

Fundraising for the Doctors Without Borders fundraiser has been going extremely well so we’re working our way through the tasks. At the $500 level Sage and I were to re-create a scene from a movie together. And so, with the help of our son, Daegan, who did all of the camera work, lighting, and editing for the scene, we present for you the scene in which Spock Dies in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Purists will notice that our outfits aren’t quite right. We had more things to match the original series’ uniforms including Sage’s “Captain’s Bathrobe” than we did for the ones in the movie. But I’m still pleased with the result.

I’m really happy with this choice of scene for another reason. It’s a bit of a metaphor for the current situation we’re in. Many people from healthcare workers to delivery people to cleaners to grocery store staff are all going out in the world taking risks just as Spock did.

(Oh for those who don’t know the scene or even the show/movie. Their ship has just been damaged badly and Spock (me) went inside a room to do repairs that others thought were impossible because doing so would expose whoever did the repairs to fatal levels of radiation. In the scene he explains his motivation.) and here is the original.

And at the same time those of us inside thinking of maybe just going outside and forgetting the whole social distancing thing need to remember: “The needs of the many outweigh the few…or the one.”

Be safe, take care of each other… And Live Long and Prosper.

Click here to donate and/or share the fundraising page. Thanks so much!

3 thoughts on “Doctors Without Borders Fundraiser – Third Goal Met!

  1. That was wonderful and very touching. The blooper was fun too. I don’t even know the original, but I certainly got the connection with right now.

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