A First in Hindi or English

A short time ago I wrote a bit about what the pandemic was like in Canada – how it was being handled, how the people were doing. My Hindi teacher submitted it on my behalf to a newspaper in Chhattisgarh and I’m excited to say that yesterday it was published! I am over the moon.

Who knew that the very first time I had anything published it would be in Hindi and not English? I wouldn’t have believed it even a year ago. It speaks to the quality of my teacher, Mitali Khodiyar, that I’ve made such progress in my learning. Just before we started working together I was very discouraged and seriously considering giving up trying to improve my Hindi. I could speak only a few words and listening back to recordings of my speaking back then, I see that my pronunciation was not so good. So thanks to Mitali and I working hard together, I’ve reached a milestone I couldn’t even reach in English. I owe her, and the editor of the newspaper, Anil Dwivedi, so many thanks.

You can read the full article here

17 thoughts on “A First in Hindi or English

      1. Agree. But let’s celebrate every positive normal news Todd. Mankind has faced several pandemics and other disasters – it’s our collective hope and resilience that’s kept us going. Maybe someone will pick up some tip from your experience and be saved. 🙏

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