On the Virtual Stage – TONIGHT!

It’s been a while since I’ve performed in a storytelling show but it’s happening again tonight. I’ll be performing on Replay Storytelling – along with my partner, Sage Tyrtle. I’m looking forward to this one because the topic is “Cringeworthy” and the story I am going to be telling still makes me cringe and it’s been years!

Along with Sage and I will be stories from Natalie Frijia, Peter Troyer, Emily Poulin and Keith Brown! It all starts at 7:30 PM Eastern time (that’s 5:00 AM for my early-rising friends in India). You can join via Zoom by getting tickets at Eventbrite, or watch online at Replay Storytelling’s website. Hope you can make it!

Tonight’s show lineup!

4 thoughts on “On the Virtual Stage – TONIGHT!

    1. धन्यवाद ! यह कार्यक्रम बहुत मज़ा था | शायद एक वीडियो होगा | यदि ऐसा है तब मैं ब्लॉग पर शेयर करूँगा |

  1. Hope it went good. Would have loved to watch but didn’t see this post. Also it was a weekday so not sure if I would have had office meetings then.

    And, I didn’t know you do storytelling too.

    1. It went pretty well. I had a lot of fun. I definitely will do it again. I’ve only done storytelling performances maybe 3 times before this and the last time was several years ago so it was almost my first time again.

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