Taking a Moment

Even on a short trip – just over 10 km (6 miles) can be broken up by a little bit of beauty. This spot a short detour from my trip to pick cat food. The weather is improving but it was a bit windy. That was a good thing on the way there when I easily maintained over 30 km/hour. A little less fun on the way home when I turned toward home and struggled to maintain 20.

The trees in the middle there are along the same river (but about 10 km south) as in yesterday’s entry. The park along that river goes almost uninterrupted from the top to bottom of the city.

At this time of day the highway below is usually completely packed and barely moving. Today it was flying along like a rural superhighway.

Also seen on the trip, a group of about 6-7 kids, all around age 10 sitting in a giant circle on the front lawn of a house, six feet between each of them. I’m glad people are finding ways to safely connect.

What nice things are you seeing if/when you are able to get out?

3 thoughts on “Taking a Moment

  1. I went outside a few hours ago to help my husband put the cushions on the lawn swing. We disturbed the nesting robins and they actually fledged right in front of us. Their mother was quite annoyed, chirping and carrying on. She was on her way back with a worm when they took off in three different directions.

    1. Wow – so lovely! I’m seeing lots of wildlife photos from various friends around the world. The animals are happy we’re leaving them mostly alone, I think.

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