Memories from an Album Cover

There’s a silly Facebook thing going around these days with simple instructions. “Share an album cover a day for ten days – no explanations or reviews…” And for the first couple of days I did just that and then today I decided I was just blindly following pointless rules and shared this trip down memory lane.

So back when we lived in the yurt, we were so far from any city and definitely nowhere near a CD store. And really, living as we did on sometimes as little as $300/month we weren’t exactly swimming in extra cash for much more than food and necessities. I did find, though, that sometimes on Ebay you could find albums people were selling for very little – often as little as $1-2 and shipping of CDs was cheap as well. And so I bought this one.Something about this album was the right album at the right time and we listened to it SO much that if you put it on now, I’m instantly transported. It’s a June morning and already getting hot outside. After weeks of putting off calling someone to hook up our gas stove to the cylinder I finally decided to risk it and bought some pipe and tried it myself. And so, here I am making pancakes made of buckwheat and cornmeal and topping them with peanut butter from the nearby intentional community. A single-cup brewer sits on top of a Hartford Diner mug, making my morning’s coffee. Daegan is crawling on the floor and Sage is off at our friends’ house nearby building a website for a local non-profit. Later I will put Daegan in the sling and we’ll brave the ticks for a walk up a nearby mountain. He will fall asleep in the sling on the way back so I will carefully put him down on the bed for a nap and take my book out to the simple hammock we made from 3 yards of canvas and a couple of metal rings. Seeing me lying down, Shelly the cat will come and rest on my chest. The heat of the day, the comfort of the hammock and a purring cat conspire to put me asleep for my own nap. I sleep until I hear Sage coming down the path carrying a big jug of water. It’s really hot now and I know it is the perfect time for me to fill our solar shower’s water bag and put it in a nearby field to warm in the sun. It will be lovely to have a hot shower outside as the sun sets and the air cools.When I come back Daegan wakes. He nurses and I make a lunch of gazpacho made from organic tomatoes and cucumbers we bartered for by doing some computer repair and web design. I toss the leftovers in a cooler we’ve buried in the ground along with a jug of ice Sage brought back from the house.See? I told you that rule of “no explanations” is silly…

11 thoughts on “Memories from an Album Cover

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yes, it was completely different. We made the decision to move there in 1998 and actually shifted in March 1999. I just went to my boss and gave him my resignation. He asked where I was going to work and I said “Nowhere.” and told him my plan.

      For about two years we lived like this – no electricity or running water, heating with a wood stove with wood I gathered myself. Then in January 2001 we moved to a cottage in the small town near where the yurt was but I still was 90% at-home parent and 10% working from home in my current line of work. Sage was doing web design. Then in 2002 I took a full time contract in another city and we shifted to New Mexico and we went back to a more normal life. Two years after that we immigrated to Canada.

  1. I just love this post and especially those pictures. You’ve done things that most would dare and as a result you have these unique memories today. It was indeed extraordinary. My my perspective it’s like a world of fantasy. 🙂

    1. Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it. Even for me now it seems a bit of a fantasy world. But it was a fantasy world that shaped who all three of us are both as individuals and as a family.

  2. That does sound like a pointless Facebook exercise.(But then so do many of them.) I, like you, need the story to go with the image. For instance “Blonde On Blonde” by Dylan with Jake Tepperman labeled on each disc.

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