An Interview in Hindi and English

Update: There is now Video of the interview as well. See below

Yesterday was such a good day filled with so many excellent experiences. The highlight of my day was spending time with my friend Pallavi and my Hindi teacher, Mitali on the inaugural episode of a podcast they are creating together. In it I talk about when and why I learned to speak Hindi and what changes that has made in my life. Have a listen and subscribe to hear more interviews!


The two of them made me feel very welcome and comfortable and so after a bit of initial nervousness, the conversation seemed to flow well and I was much less self-conscious.

I am so pleased to be able to feel comfortable in two languages now. Just a couple of years ago I was on a radio show with Pallavi just after my first class with Mitali. It was challenging as my confidence in 2018 was quite low and my vocabulary small. It goes to show that hard work and a good teacher make wonderful combination.

7 thoughts on “An Interview in Hindi and English

  1. Of course I can’t judge your fluency, but I am very impressed with the results of your hard work. It really paid off when you rode through rural India.

    1. It sure did. I can’t call myself completely fluent but in some subjects I can speak comfortably without thinking/translating in my mind but my vocabulary still needs to be increased a little.

      A funny side effect of being at this stage is that sometimes I find myself speaking and understanding really well when talking to someone and my mind gets very excited about it. I think to myself “Wow! Look at this! I could’ve never done this a year ago!” and then COMPLETELY lose the thread of the conversation because I was distracted with my own self-congratulation. 😀

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