Sage will be on TV – TOMORROW NIGHT

There are two video images that really stick in my mind from my childhood. The first is this one:

The first is the PBS logo. When I was really young they called it “Educational Television” and for a long time, our station was called “Vermont ETV” in deference to that. To me that logo meant another really cool show was coming on. I was going to learn something new and maybe, if I’m lucky, get to spend time with people I thought were kind and interesting: Mr. Rogers, Bert, Ernie, Maria and Gordon from Sesame Street. Later I would learn that many of the shows I really loved were actually produced in the province where we now live by TVO.

The second logo was more specific:

This was the logo for a particular PBS station, WGBH from Boston. When I was little this meant that Zoom was coming on – a show with cool kids doing interesting things – kids like I wanted to be doing things I wanted to do. And when I entered my teens this logo came on just before Nova – a show about science – one of my favourite shows from the 80’s.

So when Sage was given the opportunity to perform in Boston a few months back, to go to the WGBH studios and record herself telling a story that might appear on a TV show on PBS we were both so excited. She went down last fall, recorded the show and then wasn’t sure whether or not she would be included in the show. And then I went to India, and the pandemic happened and we forgot about it. Until last week when they contacted her to let her know her story would be on television Monday.

So please join us for Stories from the Stage tomorrow night.

Here’s how to access it:

Outside Massachusetts on World Channel
In Eastern Massachuetts: Comcast 956, Fios 473, RCN 94, Over the Air, 2.2.
in Western Massachusetts: Comcast 209, Time Warner 1275, Charter 181, Over
The Air 57.2.

At 9:30pm ET on 6/22 your friends across the US can watch the episode
by clicking on this link. It will also be available at Facebook.

You can also watch the premiere below:

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