Ghost Town – Closed Down

I just read the news today that “Graffiti Highway” in the ghost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania is being closed. I’m glad Daegan and I got to visit when we did. (Though I’m surprised to read that the area’s considered dangerous. Eep!)

Go Outside Today

Last year I traveled a lot for business. When I put together my Canadian citizenship application this spring, I had to actually count the number of days I was away – Well over 100. Even if you take away the 27 days I spent in India (22 of which were for my vacation – only five for work), that’s a ton of time to spend in hotels away from my family.

On the plus side, spending that much time built up a ton of points in my hotel and car rental loyalty programs – so much so that the day after Christmas, feeling a bit restless, I was able to book a free rental car and several days of hotel stays for next to nothing – we’d only pay for food and gas. And so, Daegan and I headed off on an adventure.

On Boxing Day we headed over to…

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