Timely Street Art

As many of you know I’m a big fan of street art. Not so much the simple tagging of initials and names throughout the city but I love when there is beautiful art or words to make you think.

Since we moved to the east end, and out of downtown I’ve noticed that there isn’t much to be seen. It’s not surprising as there are more people in cars and fewer walking. Also downtown there is an art school and no doubt that helps. Today before my bike ride I decided to do a google search to see if there was any areas on our side of town I should go look at. I didn’t find anything like Graffiti Alley downtown or some of the areas around Roncesvalles or Keele/Bloor but I was led to this commissioned installation on the side of a gas station. Definitely timely.

If you look at the last photo you can see that behind all of the big letters are small letters of different front-line workers we all appreciate: Truck drivers, teachers, gas station attendants, bank workers, grocery store workers, long term care home workers, health care workers.

I agree – without all of those people working as hard as they are, everyone would be having a much worse time than they already are. I truly appreciate it.

20 thoughts on “Timely Street Art

      1. I do too – it’s happening fairly often here. Sometimes it’s by businesses who want something ‘on brand’ but often it’s by people who maybe have a garage in a laneway. Generally speaking if there’s artwork on a wall or garage door it isn’t tagged out of respect (unless it gets old – then I feel like they tag it to say ‘hey, get something new here!’). So many homeowners have someone come and paint something. There are a few such laneways in the west end of Toronto with really great pieces in them.

      2. Such a shame. I’m sure some are here but downtown, anyway, I see lots of actual art and/or statements, poetry, slogans, etc.

      3. Montreal has excellent street art culture. I remember when Daegan and I biked through there in 2012 there was even an exhibition of street art in Longeuil (a Montreal suburb).

      4. The only time we encountered anti-American action was in Montreal when our van and all other American cars in the lot were smashed into. The Canadian cars were left alone. Otherwise I loved Montreal!

      5. Wow – that’s surprising. But my feeling is that Quebec tends to be a bit more politically-active than other provinces so that makes sense. It’s calmed down a lot since the 70’s though.

    1. Thanks – I am kind of glad you don’t – at least in the historic areas. It’s one thing to see a mural or slogan on the side of a boring concrete building but it would make me sad to see a haveli spraypainted even with something otherwise pretty. I did see some nice street art in some parts of Mumbai last time I was there though.

      1. I agree with you. Street art in many places has destroyed beautiful facade. I hope to see what you found in Mumbai someday in your post.

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