9 thoughts on “Show You Care

  1. I have also shared a post today about the graffiti in Dubai which most people don’t know about. Glad to find a like minded graffiti lover.

    1. Thanks! I will check it out! I didn’t know there was a graffiti culture there at all. In my mind the government there is too strict for anyone to do that. I’m excited to read it. Thanks for telling me.

    1. Thanks! I know many people are not fans of graffiti – and depending on the location or content I’m not either. But I really like seeing positive graffiti or things that make you think. When I see something like this I think about what the person who created it was thinking as they did it: imagining that they might inspire others to take care.

      Throughout the city I often see French graffiti that says “Tout Est Possible” (Everything is possible).

      And lately in our neighbourhood I’ve seen several placess tagged with this: “मित्र” – I like thinking it’s a friend reminding me they’re there when I see it.

  2. We still haven’t wear a mask. Waiting for new regulations which might come in next week.
    Wearing mask is really important these days to control COVID in many countries.

    1. Yes – it really seems to be key in keeping it under control. Those that had it resolved quickest and had the least problem were countries where mask-wearing when sick is a common part of the culture. Places like Taiwan and Vietnam did incredibly well. And once we got our mask routine down here things improved. It’s not perfect – we can’t seem to get below 100 new cases/day in our province – but we seem to be keeping it under control and not really growing. Still a ways to go though.

      1. Until last week there were almost no cases here but soem cases are reported recently. Within Europe, borders are open and August is vacation month in many countries. People were confined to home for a long period. There are chances of spreading.
        Lets wait and see.
        Stay safe and healthy.

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