For my Hindi Speaking Friends

A friend of mine has shared a call to action with me. My Hindi is OK but certainly not at the level it needs to be for this. I know I have a lot of Hindi speaking readers so if you’re able to help, please consider it:

You can contact him on Facebook here. (Original post here)

14 thoughts on “For my Hindi Speaking Friends

    1. Thanks! It looks like a good one to me as well. I think volunteering is one of our biggest untapped resources. When people are motivated to do good en masse, huge positive things can happen. We think of the power of numbers often in terms of negative things -> Imagine if every person threw a piece of trash on the ground, what would our neighbourhood look like? But I’ve also seen the opposite. What if everyone in a group spends an hour picking up trash. Then what happens? The neighbourhood (or forest, or beach) is transformed. This idea more than the actions of philanthropists or governments has power to change the world – and with relatively small individual effort.

    1. That’s a pretty tall order. I’m hopeful they can come close – someone who speaks good Hindi, English, and maybe a bit of Bhojpuri, for example. But coming close is better than not managing at all – after all, finding someone both perfectly qualified and willing to work for free might be close to impossible.

    1. Thanks! That’s a big help. Volunteering has been such a big help for me during the lockdown – it helps make me feel connected and useful in a time when I often struggle feeling the opposite.

  1. A friend, Mr Gurjinder Brar wrote this,
    Pl tell them that we can help by translating nd sending it on WA or scan…… We can do it by hand as we don’t hv Hindi typeset nor we are experienced in Hindi typing….. ✌🏾✌🏾

    How can he contact them?

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