Running in Someone’s Home?

Another lovely trail run yesterday. On the way back I ran in to an older gentleman bringing what appeared to be a cart filled with groceries in. He greets me with a “Good Evening” and heads deeper in to the forest. Soon a voice that sounded like a teenage boy called out “Pa!” And he called back to them “I’m coming. I’ll be there in a minute.”

I know a number of folks are living in the valley in the summers. At night sometimes you can see their fires. I think I would find it preferable to sleeping on the streets given the choice.

3 thoughts on “Running in Someone’s Home?

    1. Mostly it is due to homelessness. The choices are to sleep on the street or go in a shelter. Shelters are crowded, dangerous (especially during the pandemic) and theft is common. I remember one person telling a story of how he always slept with his shoes on because if he didn’t they’d be gone when he woke. So sleeping in a tent, having privacy and relative peace and quiet is often preferable. On the other hand you’re often farther from necessities like places to get food / support. So it’s not for everyone.

      1. Hmm….homelessness in the west especially in the US and in also Canada (seen from your posts, this and earlier) always throws me off the hook a little, as I would consider these places to be relatively prosperous. At the same time, it makes me think of the cold weather conditions and things like that and wonder how difficult it must be.

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