Stories with Pal – With Rashmi Rameshwar

Even though I’ve put a bit of a pause on 52 Adventures due to the pandemic, 2020 is becoming a year of new experiences. As of last week I’ve joined Pallavi Jain and Mitali Khodiyar, cohosting Stories with Pal over on YouTube. Of course you know I need to push my comfort zone at all times the program is mostly in Hindi so all of my cohosting duties are done in my second language.

Rashmi Rameshwar is a writer, teacher and an amazing singer with an incredible voice. She lives in Chhattisgarh and joins us to share her story of how she got started and to share a few songs with us as well.

You can find this and more episodes here – and please subscribe if you want to see more. We have many fantastic guests coming up.

6 thoughts on “Stories with Pal – With Rashmi Rameshwar

    1. My French has all but left me, coming back only once in a while when I can’t think of a Hindi word. I’m afraid to try speaking French in Quebec again as last time I made a word salad of Hindi and English as my brain seemed to be unable to discern any difference other than “English” and “Not English”

      1. Totally. What got me also was the accent. My teacher in Toronto was from Brittany and I could (eventually) understand her. Then when I got to Quebec City it took forever to learn all over again. Plus all the profanity is different too. 😉

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