Sage Tells a Story: “Beatrice”

Several years ago we lived in a small carriage house at the edge of Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto. It was a fascinating place to live for many reasons, but had its quirks as well.

Recently, Sage told a story about one of the things that happened while we lived there (and how it fit in her life in the bigger picture) for the First Person Arts StorySlam. I’m so proud of her for not only winning the StorySlam but also for winning the Audience Favourite award as well. You can watch it here:

2 thoughts on “Sage Tells a Story: “Beatrice”

  1. Excellent. My sister also lived on a lesbian separatist farm in the 1970’s, so I could picture the scene. I have befriended a woman much like Beatrice who lives outside our church. Sadly since the pandemic we can’t go to church and I often think of Ann and wonder how she is doing. Thanks for the video.

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