Canada in 2020

As I look at how other countries are reacting to the pandemic I feel like Canada has taken up mask-wearing and other preventive measures quite readily and without grumbling, for the most part. Why even the moose here are wearing masks now! (And showing their loyalty to local sports teams)

This moose, originally made for the Moose in the City project back at 2000 has been decorated by a local senior home care service whose offices are nearby.

How are people where you are managing with preventive measures? How about you? Are you finding it difficult?

10 thoughts on “Canada in 2020

  1. I’m in coastal Georgia/S Carolina and it is half and half. There was actually a “no mask” protest this past weekend, but I have no idea how it turned out. The way I look at it is that it is very little to ask and if it works just a tiny bit it is worth doing.

    1. Wow – that’s really different from here. I’d say 85% are wearing correctly, 5% are missing the point but appear to be trying, and 5% are not. Inside, particularly in stores it’s almost 100%.

      I’m with you – it’s really a simple thing. I keep coming back to the phrase “Is this the hill you want to die on?” – it seems even a bit *more* appropriate than usual.

      Stay safe!

  2. I don’t know about other parts of my country but in my place we see many wearing masks, of course there are a few who don’t. But we don’t know why but cases are rising each day. India has reached the 2nd position. But people are recovering too. I think people with lot of health problems suffer more. Take care.

    1. I’m glad that people are being careful where you are.

      India has a couple of major challenges that likely make it harder to reduce cases. With a population that big, there’s such huge diversity in thoughts, ideas, education and so on that while some are completely compliant, others aren’t.

      Possibly more challenging is that for many it just isn’t *possible* to fully comply with all the measures. I know some folks are, for example, faced with the choice between staying home and being cautious or earning necessary money. There are folks here in the same quandary but with the money being given by our government to support people, and freezes on home evictions, it is a bit easier.

      I hope things improve everywhere – or the world gets at least a break from increasing problems. It seems like every day there’s either a new problem or the existing problems get worse. Often both.

  3. I’m glad Canada and it’s citizens have taken a mature approach to this problem. Stay safe. I have already posted a picture on masks in my last post. Hope you have read that?

  4. We still do not have to wear mask as there are almost no cases in our municipality but in cities people are using them often as there are increase in number of mild cases of covid due to various factors of which one was students gathering in august.

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