10 thoughts on “Sign of the Times?

    1. Thanks! It looks to be about the same as we had in March. Inconvenient but manageable. But schools are still open which has me scratching my head.

      I don’t really understand what’s happening in the US. I’m from there and I still can’t wrap my head around it.

      1. Interesting – here I wouldn’t call it callousness but rather just a lack of concern. People aren’t caring so much and are taking risks, having parties, gathering together. It is a lot of small things. For example here the guidance is to keep elevators mostly empty (guidance is six feet apart so two people only) and wear masks in all indoor shared spaces. But one night I saw five people get in one elevator then a guy came running without a mask, said to the people in the elevator “Hey! I forgot my mask in my car, is it ok if I join you?” and everyone was fine. So there are a whole lot of “just this once, I’m sure it’ll be fine” things happening that combined together increase risk a bunch, IMO.

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