Finding the Don Valley

If you’re wondering where I got my love for wandering in the forest near our home, you need only look as far as my son. (And then follow his blog too!)

Daegan Lunsford

In 2004, when I was six years old, my family and I moved From America to Toronto. I was leaving behind the forests of rural Missouri.

Days of catching crawdads in the creek (pronounced crick, in the Ozarks drawl) and smelling woodsmoke on starlit summer nights had suddenly disappeared, replaced by a decidedly concrete, urban environment that didn’t really have a precedent in my life at the time. City life was incredibly new to me – Before we crossed the border into Toronto, I thought about what it would be like.

Here are some of the notions I had in my head:

  • Polar bears just walking through the streets – because it’s Canada, and it’s cold, right?
  • The only buildings we’d be seeing would be igloos – because it’s Canada, and it’s cold, right?
  • Subway trains had entire ‘Undercities’ in the tunnels, and people would live in them.

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12 thoughts on “Finding the Don Valley

  1. I would love to follow his blog but didn’t see how I might. Please advise. And OMG he so reminds me of all my art students. There is a look that is so similar among the young men. A good look.

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I’m pretty new to this whole WordPress thing so I’m still slow on adding the features, haha – Just added a Follow button to the footer of my website!

      And it’s true! We all look very similar, it must be something in the paint-water..

      1. Thanks for adding the button. I have now followed. There was even a time when the young male artists all took up lingering outside the college smoking Gauloises!

  2. Interesting post. Hope he likes the city better after being there for so many years.

    You are on right track Todd but please take care when you ride bike in the forest at night.

    1. If he sees this I’m sure he’ll answer but I am pretty sure he loves the city as well. Maybe he feels like me. I really love nature but I also love what the city has to offer so I get the best of both worlds where we are right now.

      And yes, I’m always quite careful. Generally speaking the forest is safe – there are rarely if ever any incidents caused either by humans or animals. I also ride more carefully in the dark. And if, God forbid, something should happen, my phone always broadcasts my position to Daegan so help will be on the way.

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