The answer to “Should I ride?” is Always “Yes”

Last week I had resolved to exercise every day. At the end of the workday on Thursday I knew I needed to get going but it just wasn’t happening. There were a million excuses in my mind. It’ll be boring, I’ve seen all of the places on the nearby trails and I had no patience for drivers on roads.

After over an hour of mental gymnastics I won my own mental argument by reminding myself that I always feel better after a ride than when I leave. But I still was grumpy and pretty sure it wouldn’t be a good time.

Down into the valley I went, ten minutes later I passed by a field and movement in the distance caught my eye. I stopped and there was a deer standing in the field. I got out my phone to take a photo. If I used my telephoto lens and a bit of digital zoom I might be able to catch it. But by the time I had it ready, the deer was gone.

I pedalled a little further ahead next to a grove of trees, stopped and looked way out in the field to see where he’d run off to. He was gone. But then I looked at the trees next to me:

A little glimpse of brown and white fur… And then out he came, walking right toward me. Eventually he was close enough for me to smell him, a grassy scent similar to a cow.

And then we just stood together for a while. He wasn’t 100% sure about me, having to look up every once in a while to make sure I was not going to eat him and then going back to his food. I even got a bit of video.

Eventually a loud group of cyclists went by on the trail and he leapt out into the field.

Fifteen minutes later as the sun set, I found myself further downriver near an old brickworks that has been turned into a park/nature centre with a few markets and small businesses. Every business was closed and most of the people were gone, so I was left alone by the water to appreciate all of the things I would’ve missed had I stayed home.

3 thoughts on “The answer to “Should I ride?” is Always “Yes”

  1. I’m glad you motivate yourself in every way to ensure you stay focused on fitness. Great going, Todd. The world rewards those who step out of their comfort zone.

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