In Our Backyard: Doris McCarthy Trail

Come along with Sage and I as I take Sage somewhere she’s never been in Toronto. Today’s destination: Scarborough where we start with a walk through Guild Park and Gardens, a beautiful park with some unique features. Then we climb down from the bluffs to walk along the lake and eventually to a gully where a century ago, pirates and smugglers used to hang out.

Hope you enjoy it – and if there’s somewhere you think we should visit (or if you’re not from here, something you’d like to see) leave a comment below!

3 thoughts on “In Our Backyard: Doris McCarthy Trail

  1. Great trip there.

    Often the greatest discoveries and adventures are found by walking out our front door and deciding to either turn left or turn right and to see where our feet, or I guess in your case the TTC might take us.

    When we used to live in Ontario, we would come to Toronto once a year; buy a couple of TTC day passes and with a list of a couple of neighbourhoods or off the wall things to check out in our hands….off we would go for the day and well into the evening. Such a great city.

  2. It must have been wonderful.
    We are in West Bengal for a vacation. We were in Shantiniketan from 1st to 4th. On 6th we came to Sunderbans. Today we are going to Calcutta and will return home on the 13th. Regards

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