This Week in Kindness – March 5

This week there was not a lot of activity in my inbox but there still were great things happening. Here are a few things I saw this week:

Over on Mastodon, Coach Julio said:

A nice thing: On my morning walk today, I dropped my pink-edged handkerchief. This afternoon I walked the same route, thinking I’d never find it, but some kind person had hung it in a rosebush. (The crocheted edge made that easy to do.) (Also, it was clean so the ew factor was very low.) A small thing, but glad to have it back!

I loved seeing this because I’ve seen this happening all the time in Toronto this time of year: hats, scarves, a kufi, or even a set of keys hanging up where the owner might see them. I also do that when I see them and always wondered how often their owners found them.

When I had to move a new couch up 2 flights to my apt, I walked to the nearest restaurant and asked the manager to let me borrow 2 of his biggest strongest kitchen staff for 15 min. I tipped them well and got my couch in place, no muss no fuss.
PS I initially considered dragging it upstairs by myself.
Ask and you shall receive.
Also: there are really nice people all around us. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know 🙂

Sometimes you need to ask for help – someone might feel shy to offer or worry that it might seem insulting. Just asking for what you need opens the door for someone to help.

Sometimes even just taking an extra minute can change someone’s day like this story from Ireland. How many of us have been there?

Good morning, sitting in the bus right now on my way to work, and in rural Ireland, at the bus stops in the mornings, there’s lots of school kids and different school buses. Today there was a boy running out of his house, too late for”his” bus, which had just started. Imagine the boy’s body language,, his shoulders and head falling, and his thoughts at that moment. But then the bus driver slowed down carefully once more and stopped to wait for the boy. Have a nice day!

Here’s a clever idea from a restaurant in Tennessee.

I also saw some really great stories this week:

  • In Halifax, Angela Rafuse started a charity that has since gone national. My Grandfather’s Cat helps seniors and terminally ill people find homes for their animals before going to a care home or passing on. You can hear more about their story here.
  • In Stillwater, Minnesota, a teacher was talking about their dog Sadie who had a leg amputated several years back after being hit by a car. Now that she was 8 years old she was beginning to have trouble walking. Another teacher who teaches engineering and design in the school heard the story and realized that he could make helping Sadie a class project. These kids are not learning about engineering, they’re learning to just dive in and try to help when they can. More about that story is here.
  • Maybe I’m the last guy to learn what an all around great guy Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is but on February 22, he stopped at a homeless shelter at around midnight and brought his meat smoker with him. For the next sixteen hours during a storm he cooked over 450 dinners to feed people at several different shelters in the area. The story is here.

Did I miss some? What acts of kindness or good news stories do you know about? Share them below!

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