This Week in Kindness – March 26

Happy Monday! With spring coming, old routines are ending and new ones starting and as a result this post is a day delayed. I’m certain that balance will return soon but in the meantime, apologies for the delay.

Here are a few of the good things happening around the world:

From Wales via Mastodon:

“I was grateful to have the opportunity to practice kindness today. After my exercise class I noticed the other new person at the class ,who I had discovered lived on my route home, was waiting for a taxi. She accepted my offer of a lift and she saved the taxi fare and I had a very enjoyable conversation my way home.

Apparently this is an older post (but new to me!):

There it is again: Seeing a need, thinking “Someone should do something” and then immediately realizing “Hey wait, I’m that someone!”

From Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada:

This is truly caring for your neighbour.

And from right in my neighbourhood in Toronto:

A group of women in our neighbourhood gets together every year to provide free meals for Ramadan

Image from the Thorncliffe Park Community in Toronto group. A collage of images with biryani, salad, and veggies. In one a woman sits behind over 30 containers of food. The caption says: Our first 150 meals were distributed on Friday to the families from Thorncliffe park and Flemingdon park. NeXT distribution is on Tuesday and will launch nNorth York and Scarboroug. We need your support whether financial or volunteering. Reach me out or donate via the link, thank you 😊
Donate to make impact in the life of vulnerable.

Here’s a video showing some of the projects they’ve been involved in including this one.

If you’d like to help, you can make a donation to show your support and help folks in the community here.

There’s been quite a bit of good news this week also:

Did I miss some? What acts of kindness or good news stories do you know about? Share them below!

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