This Week in Kindness – April 2

It’s Sunday, the sun is shining and it’s April. Already things are looking up. Here are some of the good things happening in the world.

Here are a few of the good things happening around the world:

From a few years back in Wales. After a rat attack, 90 year old tortoise, Mrs. T lost the use of her front legs.The owner’s son, Dale Sinclair Jones glued a set of wheels on to the front of her shell and now she travels faster than ever.

From an anonymous Redditor:

“A family member was playing on Xbox live with some friends and some random player in the group that none knew was having mic problems. And it was really messing up the gameplay. The player was broke and couldn’t afford a new one so instead of just kicking this unknown kid, my family member asked them for their address and sent them a brand new headset. This was like 15 years ago and they still play and talk regularly. They haven’t met in person but plan to someday.”

Sometimes transit can be magical. Musicians can spontaneously show up at one stop and leave on another. Sometimes strangers bring cake:

And sometimes a group gets together to brighten people’s day by being “subway attendants”:

That group, Improv in Toronto has been inactive for a while now but they did one of my favourite “kindness interventions” ever: an Umbrella Taxi Service to get you from the subway station to your destination while staying dry.

Have you seen or participated in any kindness interventions where you live?

There’s been quite a bit of good news this week also:

Action for you: This one is especially important for people in cities but may be useful anywhere else. Narcan / Naloxone is a drug that is used in response to people who have overdosed on opiod drugs. For a long time I thought this was an injection that required special training. However, for a while now it’s been available in nasal spray format. It’s been legal in Canada for a while but now it is FDA approved for over the counter sale in the US. This is also an action for me as for a long time before the pandemic I carried a Naloxone kit in my backpack just in case someone needed it on transit or I saw someone who needed it on the street. It expired and now I need to go get a replacement. They’re available at the pharmacy here in Ontario for no charge.

Did I miss some kindness or good news? What acts of kindness or good news stories do you know about? Share them below!

2 thoughts on “This Week in Kindness – April 2

  1. I love this Kindness Projec t – it is encouraging to read, and also inspires me to ask how I can be kind? Or how has someone been kind to me?

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