30ish Years post-graduation

In my Facebook feed lately there’s a lot of activity. 30 years ago is the graduation date for the class I would’ve graduated with had I not skipped Grade 8. Being a small town, many of us have known each other for most of our lives as I started at this school in Grade 2. One person in the Facebook group suggested that people write what’s happened since graduation since many of us didn’t stay so well connected. I started to think about it and there was a lot that happened (well, it was three decades after all) and so I … Continue reading 30ish Years post-graduation

Voice from the Past: 28 yo Todd retells a story

I have been considering for years the prospect of writing a book about our time living in the yurt. It’s pretty overwhelming, and I’m not sure where to start and where to focus but every now and again I go through some of my old blog entries to look for inspiration. Yesterday I was doing that again and came across the original entry about the story I just recently wrote up here.  It’s interesting to see what details I got right and what things I messed up completely. I got the day almost right: June 23, 1999 but the meal … Continue reading Voice from the Past: 28 yo Todd retells a story

Canadian Citizenship Application DONE!

This might look like an innocuous address sitting on a plain brown envelope but this packet represents a series of major changes to our life. To fully understand, let’s go back to September 2003. George W. Bush was president and the Iraq war was well underway. We were temporarily located in Albuquerque, New Mexico where my company had sent me for a long term project. We were at dinner with a couple of friends who were telling us about a horrific day they had. “So we were driving down the highway when all of a sudden this guy in a … Continue reading Canadian Citizenship Application DONE!