Exciting News!

Some very exciting news arrived today – almost a year before I expected to see it based on posted processing times. I’ve officially been invited to take my Canadian citizenship test. So the next step of our immigration journey is coming up. The test date they gave me probably won’t work as I have a business trip coming up then (and really, I need a little time to study – that was going to be my project for next summer!) but this is extremely exciting news. If we pass, we will be told we passed immediately and be scheduled to … Continue reading Exciting News!

Terriffic Tuesday – If You See Something Do Something

It’s that time of the week again – time to take a break from the discouraging and disappointing news of the week to remember that good things are still happening out in the world. Here’s a quick roundup: A State in India Has Turned 1,600 Tons of Plastic Trash Into 620 Miles of Road: One of the things many people notice when they visit India is trash and pollution. As someone coming from a much less populous country it would be easy to be really judgmental. I remember thinking, though, as I looked out the window on the train from … Continue reading Terriffic Tuesday – If You See Something Do Something

Terrific Tuesday – Inaugural Edition

When I was on Facebook, one of my favourite things to do was to post news of good things happening in the world. For many folks, the Facebook feed can be something of an echo chamber. An upsetting news story breaks, then it gets shared, then it gets reacted to and the reactions are shared. It can be a barrage of awful news after just a few minutes of scrolling. At a minimum, after enduring a salvo of bad news we feel bad. But more often than not, it also can result in our making judgments: If all I’ve seen … Continue reading Terrific Tuesday – Inaugural Edition