Guess Who’s Coming to India With Me

This guy! That’s right, my son’s first trip outside of North America will be happening this February! We’ll be going to Delhi and Jaipur for sure – maybe other place(s) as well. We’ll see where else he wants to go.  I’m especially excited now. He’s an awesome traveling companion – we really know how to travel together well. We both like ending up in unexpected situations (obviously not dangerous ones), and have the sense of humour to deal with challenges, discomfort and adversity well.  Plus he takes awesome photos so there’ll be those for us to look forward to. Continue reading Guess Who’s Coming to India With Me

Exciting News: Off to India in 2018

I’ve been watching flight prices (and paying off debt and saving) and the time has come.  I’ve booked a flight and will be spending most of February in India.  I’m flying in to Delhi and the rest of my itinerary is, as yet, to be determined. I’ve let folks at work know I’m going so I may be doing work there also – trying to build a business there which would hopefully give me an excuse to go there more often later.  But all told I should get at least a couple of weeks for me and maybe a week … Continue reading Exciting News: Off to India in 2018