Terriffic Tuesday – This week in Good News

Years ago, Daegan and I did a project called 500 Kindnesses. The principle was simple: We would ride from Toronto to NYC (1500 km – just over 900 miles) from the city considered by many to be Canada’s unfriendliest to the one considered the most unfriendly in the US. We’d treat it like a charity bicycle ride. Except instead of fundraising for money we would ask people to pledge to perform acts of kindness instead. It was an amazing experience that is worth a whole post of its own someday. But a summary of it is here: One of the … Continue reading Terriffic Tuesday – This week in Good News

Terrific Tuesday – Inaugural Edition

When I was on Facebook, one of my favourite things to do was to post news of good things happening in the world. For many folks, the Facebook feed can be something of an echo chamber. An upsetting news story breaks, then it gets shared, then it gets reacted to and the reactions are shared. It can be a barrage of awful news after just a few minutes of scrolling. At a minimum, after enduring a salvo of bad news we feel bad. But more often than not, it also can result in our making judgments: If all I’ve seen … Continue reading Terrific Tuesday – Inaugural Edition

Chromebook Project Update

Most of you likely remember our crowdfunding project to raise money to buy Chromebooks for Syrian Refugees,┬áproviding them with Chromebooks that could be used for everything from children’s homework to practicing English to staying in touch with friends and family around the world. The project was fully funded very quickly and thanks to a sale on a particular model, we were able to buy not only the original five we’d hoped to buy but an additional two for a total of seven Chromebooks. I’ve been working with a friend who also works with many newcomers to iron out the logistics. … Continue reading Chromebook Project Update