Toronto Public Library Celebrates Pride Month

  SeeI have been quite busy with a bit of a backlog building including another library visit to write up. In the meantime, though, l was happy to see this pass through my Instagram feed today. I love that so many of our city’s institutions celebrate Pride month – and our library is no exception. View this post on Instagram This is how we celebrate Pride in Toronto! Local drag queen @nikkichin89 talks to @atmos.fierce about appearing on a recent cover of our What’s On publication and the many library programs and LGBT materials we have to celebrate Pride Month. … Continue reading Toronto Public Library Celebrates Pride Month

I’m so ashamed!

Guys. I have a confession to make. For all I love about the library. For all I promote it, for all the great things I say about it. I’m a terrible library patron. We’ve improved a bunch over the years – especially since starting  the Toronto by Library project – I can’t avoid going to a library regularly. Our peak of bad behaviour, was in the mid 1990’s when we lived in Bethlehem, PA. At one point we were going to accept a job and relocate back to the Boston area. In the whirlwind of planning and getting ready to … Continue reading I’m so ashamed!