Apparently I Have a New Name

I’m traveling in New York City with Daegan and we are having ALL the fun. According to my step counter we walked about 15 miles yesterday and 8 today – so almost 40 km in two days. It’s been great but I’m experimenting with taking notes and writing a more thoughtful, less “stream of consciousness” post or posts afterward. So you’re going to have to wait. In the meantime here’s a silly story from the day before we left: I am home alone working when our land line rings. Our land line is an analog phone only slightly older than … Continue reading Apparently I Have a New Name

Moments: Being Schooled by a Little Boy

It’s October 2016 and I am in Varanasi. I am doing what I spent most of my time doing in this city: wandering. Varanasi is a city made for wandering. The city is thousands of years old and filled with interesting stores, food shops, temples, and wonderful people watching. I have been here for five days now and I feel as if I could spend my life wandering these streets, talking to people, drinking chai and snacking. In the old city where I have spent all of my time, the streets are extremely narrow. On the busier ones, two people … Continue reading Moments: Being Schooled by a Little Boy

Moments: Mumbai Morning

It’s 3:15 AM and I am drinking instant coffee in the apartment Daegan and I are sharing for two nights in Mumbai. I wake Daegan up with a cup of his own. We have to pack and get ready for another big day that starts with a train ride leaving Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, over an hour away, at 5:00 AM. We’re both exhausted because we had just had another amazing day that started at about the same time just one day before. Like zombies we drink our coffee until it is time to head out. Today we are everybody’s wake-up … Continue reading Moments: Mumbai Morning

Moments: Thursday on the Blue Line in Delhi

I am sitting on the train next to an older man who has just beckoned me to sit next to him in the seats designated primarily for older people (but I’m one of the oldest now not already sitting). Daegan is standing next to me with his sketchbook and pencil out, drawing the old man I’m sitting next to. A few stops later the doors open and two older bearded men came on board, both in pure white shalwar kameez, vests, and big white beards. I got up instantly as I was no longer the eldest and said to the … Continue reading Moments: Thursday on the Blue Line in Delhi

One Last Lesson

I haven’t had a Hindi lesson for a few weeks now. The last time I showed up, I met the other student I go with as I was walking from the subway station.  She was heading back. His door was locked. He wasn’t home.  A few days later we learned he had had a fall and was in hospital.  After that I had to go on my first November trip to Louisiana. When I came back, he was still in hospital but in reasonably good spirits. I made a few visits – sometimes alone, sometimes with another student. Each time … Continue reading One Last Lesson