Sitting Tight in Plattsburgh

It rained all day today and so, instead of riding we found ourselves relaxing in the hotel.  I watched a bit of TV with Sage and Daegan read, drew, and napped.  We did need to eat, though, so we went on a small adventure. The first thing we did was to fuel up for the trip. We waited for a break in the rain and then walked across the street to a pizza place and got food:  Spaghetti and Meatballs for me with the extra carbs from some garlic bread. Chicken parmesan sandwich for Daegan. And as it started to … Continue reading Sitting Tight in Plattsburgh

One More Day!

Happy Friday! By the end of the day, Daegan and I will have picked up our last few things and packed anything we think we might need for a two week bicycle trip in to four large panniers. Generally speaking we’ll be bringing 3 changes of bike clothes, a couple street clothes outfits, bathing suits, a few simple spare parts and tools, a bunch of maps, a lightweight Chromebook and Daegan will bring his digital camera. Oh, and passports and Canadian Permanent Resident cards – we’ve a border to cross.  We’ll bring somewhere between 4-6 water bottles and of course … Continue reading One More Day!

Where’s my impulsiveness gone?

Next Saturday I start a two week vacation. Daegan and I have both arranged time off from work and since I locked my time in I’ve been trying to settle on what we’re doing.  I know for sure there will be a bike trip involved but beyond that the details are murky. It started as a trip to Calgary – we even booked flights. And then, after a bit of hemming and hawing, and online research I came to the conclusion that it was going to be ridiculously expensive just to bring bikes once we paid the baggage fees for … Continue reading Where’s my impulsiveness gone?

Terriffic Tuesday – This week in Good News

Years ago, Daegan and I did a project called 500 Kindnesses. The principle was simple: We would ride from Toronto to NYC (1500 km – just over 900 miles) from the city considered by many to be Canada’s unfriendliest to the one considered the most unfriendly in the US. We’d treat it like a charity bicycle ride. Except instead of fundraising for money we would ask people to pledge to perform acts of kindness instead. It was an amazing experience that is worth a whole post of its own someday. But a summary of it is here: One of the … Continue reading Terriffic Tuesday – This week in Good News

Get out of my way…me!

Saturday morning I wrote an entry here sounding (and feeling) inspired about just doing things instead of overplanning – not even realizing I was doing just that AT THAT VERY MOMENT. I wake up early every morning regardless of need. Somehow I can’t seem to sleep much past 6:30 no matter what I do. In part I think it’s aging, but I suspect it’s also anticipation: a minor Christmas-morning like question in my head “Is it time for drinking coffee and relaxing?” And usually, if it’s after, say, 5:00 AM or so, the answer is yes. Saturday was no exception. I … Continue reading Get out of my way…me!

The Thing About Planning

With our train tickets in hand Daegan and I began planing in earnest yesterday.  Our upcoming trip is bookended by two dates: July 22nd on which we board a train in Toronto and ride to Montreal where we spend a night in a hostel in the Plateau, and August 5th where we board a train in in Montreal bound for home. What comes in between is, at the most part nebulous. There will be cycling, no doubt, as that’s how we’ll be getting around. We’ll see a few people I know. There will likely be some swimming, Daegan will take … Continue reading The Thing About Planning