CFFC: Lime / Light Green

You almost always have to walk through the tunnel to the other terminal. Walking through there feels, to me, like I’ve ended up in what the sci-fi movie makers of the early 1970’s thought 2018 would be: moving walkways, strangely soothing music and tunnels filled with cycling coloured light. The first time I went through I took the moving walkway. Every other time since then I’ve walked to enjoy the surreality of the experience. Continue reading CFFC: Lime / Light Green

Sunday in Louisiana

  It’s never good to sit alone all day in a hotel room on a business trip and so I made a plan yesterday to get out and do something and knock a few errands off as well.  And so it was that I rode up to Baton Rouge. First stop: time to check out Southfin Southern Poke.  For those of you not familiar, Poke bowls are a wonderfully delicious thing that seems to have originated in Hawaii (but looks a lot like hwe dup bap from Korea.  The basic idea is this: take a base of rice, put some … Continue reading Sunday in Louisiana

One Day Down

Not a bad day at work. I met all my goals for the day. Aside from working (which I can’t really talk much about except to say I had a 2 hour presentation today that went pretty well), I had a couple of goals and I feel like I managed them. I wanted to run at least 30 minutes today. I had hoped to head over to the nearby track for some outdoor running as the weather was nice. Sadly, I was at the office late and the traffic just gets worse and worse here. The towns here are small … Continue reading One Day Down

Arrived Safe and Sound

What a long day! I woke up at 3:45 AM this morning – one of those times where it’s so close to when you’re going to wake up anyway that you might as well get up.  So I started the coffee, did the last little bit of packing and got out the door. Leaving at 5:00 AM has its advantages. The traffic is non-existent and cabs are easy to come by. And so, I was to the airport in no time. Thanks to finally having obtained a Nexus card, everything is so much faster. One hour after I got in … Continue reading Arrived Safe and Sound

Riding Day Two – Plattsburgh to Vermont

A few hours after we arrived in Plattsburgh, the rain joined us there and we spent most of the day relaxing and watching bad TV in the hotel room with a quick outing in the middle of the day to break things up. The next morning we woke up and wouldn’t you know it, it was still pouring. But our time was limited and really, the attractiveness of “Staying in a Holiday Inn in the suburbs next to the interstate” is extremely limited.  And so we went down to have breakfast and resolved to get on the road by 9 … Continue reading Riding Day Two – Plattsburgh to Vermont

How I Manage Business Travel Part 1: Family Balance

In the mid 90’s I took my first business trips. They were a bit isolating. I remember one in which I boarded a plane across the country for LA  and checked in to a hotel. This would be an exciting trip. Previous trips had no Internet access – there were only phone calls. They were prohibitively expensive so voice contact with my partner, Sage, was limited to a minute or two every few days to say, essentially “I’m OK.”  The LA trip would be different, though. We would have slow dial-up internet and could use it for chat. We were no … Continue reading How I Manage Business Travel Part 1: Family Balance