So I Took my Canadian Citizenship Test Today…

Today I started my day early. I woke up at 4:45, ready to go. It was not unlike how it feels on Christmas morning as a kid. Except this time, Santa would only be giving me presents if I passed a test. If not, There would be six more weeks of waiting – and another test. Though it was my day off from work, out of habit I checked my email. A message from my usually reserved boss was waiting for me: I made some breakfast, helped someone in India practice their English and practiced a little Hindi and then … Continue reading So I Took my Canadian Citizenship Test Today…

Wish Sage and Daegan Luck! [UPDATED]

[Updated October 31 – I just got a call from Daegan. they both passed!!] In less than 24 hours, Sage and Daegan will be taking their Canadian citizenship tests bright and early tomorrow morning. It has 20 multiple choice questions and if they get 15 of them correct (75%) they’ll be scheduled for citizenship ceremony where they’ll be take the oath of citizenship. Because I’m out of the country, my test will be scheduled after I return. I’m already a little nervous. (But I’m studying so I’m sure it’ll be fine) Continue reading Wish Sage and Daegan Luck! [UPDATED]

Exciting News!

Some very exciting news arrived today – almost a year before I expected to see it based on posted processing times. I’ve officially been invited to take my Canadian citizenship test. So the next step of our immigration journey is coming up. The test date they gave me probably won’t work as I have a business trip coming up then (and really, I need a little time to study – that was going to be my project for next summer!) but this is extremely exciting news. If we pass, we will be told we passed immediately and be scheduled to … Continue reading Exciting News!

Canadian Citizenship Application DONE!

This might look like an innocuous address sitting on a plain brown envelope but this packet represents a series of major changes to our life. To fully understand, let’s go back to September 2003. George W. Bush was president and the Iraq war was well underway. We were temporarily located in Albuquerque, New Mexico where my company had sent me for a long term project. We were at dinner with a couple of friends who were telling us about a horrific day they had. “So we were driving down the highway when all of a sudden this guy in a … Continue reading Canadian Citizenship Application DONE!