CFFC: Lime / Light Green

You almost always have to walk through the tunnel to the other terminal. Walking through there feels, to me, like I’ve ended up in what the sci-fi movie makers of the early 1970’s thought 2018 would be: moving walkways, strangely soothing music and tunnels filled with cycling coloured light. The first time I went through I took the moving walkway. Every other time since then I’ve walked to enjoy the surreality of the experience. Continue reading CFFC: Lime / Light Green

CFFC: Books or Paper

In 2003, we’d decided we’d had enough of the sociopolitical climate in the US and immigrated to Canada, moving to Toronto in January of 2004.  We were as happy here as we expected we would be. It really was refreshingly different – of course we’d also moved from the relatively conservative state of Missouri so it was even more noticeably progressive here. In September we got our absentee ballots, marked all of the Democratic choices and put them in the mail. Needless to say, we were extremely disappointed with the results as George W. Bush won handily. Even though we … Continue reading CFFC: Books or Paper