Pastalaya for Dinner

In the centre of Louisiana, just down the road from the dozens of chemical plants that give the region the nickname “Cancer Alley” lies the little town of Gonzales. Before Gonzales was known for its high school football team or the long chains of organic molecules that pay many people’s mortgages, it was known for something else:
India has its biryani, Spain has its paella, and Louisiana has jambalaya. Continue reading Pastalaya for Dinner

Cooking: Refried Bean Burritos

A person who just came to this site this week might think our family eats almost exclusively Indian food but really, our preferences are a bit more broad than that. As I described it to someone recently: we like big flavours – flavours that make you gasp with excitement the first time you taste them. It might be the flavour of a Panang curry, or the deceptively named “Water-boiled fish” from Sichuan province in China that is not just flavourful but filled with chillies and Sichuan pepper that makes your mouth a little bit numb. It might be a rasam from South India, or it could be a salsa from Mexico. If the people of a country love exciting and bold flavours chances are we love their food. Continue reading Cooking: Refried Bean Burritos

Homemade Baba Ganoush

I’ve a bad habit. Often I don’t pay attention when our vegetable delivery is scheduled  and I don’t notice that there’s something on it that we don’t usually eat. Last week was one of those weeks. In this weeks delivery was an eggplant.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love baigan bharta but somehow I just can’t get that delicious smoky flavour in it that restaurants seem to do. It just ends up tasting bland and a little slimy. But this week I am determined to make use of this eggplant. Continue reading Homemade Baba Ganoush