Moments: Thursday on the Blue Line in Delhi

I am sitting on the train next to an older man who has just beckoned me to sit next to him in the seats designated primarily for older people (but I’m one of the oldest now not already sitting). Daegan is standing next to me with his sketchbook and pencil out, drawing the old man I’m sitting next to. A few stops later the doors open and two older bearded men came on board, both in pure white shalwar kameez, vests, and big white beards. I got up instantly as I was no longer the eldest and said to the … Continue reading Moments: Thursday on the Blue Line in Delhi

Landing in Delhi

It’s 5:30 AM, my usual wake-up time at home but here it is not work that wakes me, but my stomach. My stomach is telling me that something is wrong – it is dinner time back home and I need to eat. It’s not got the memo yet. Meanwhile, the sounds of the city go on. As the sound of horns honking decreased, peace entered the area. But soon after the chowkidar (watchman) started making his rounds. You could tell because he bangs his lathi (a big stick – don’t get up to any mischief or you’ll feel it!) on … Continue reading Landing in Delhi