Wish Sage and Daegan Luck! [UPDATED]

[Updated October 31 – I just got a call from Daegan. they both passed!!] In less than 24 hours, Sage and Daegan will be taking their Canadian citizenship tests bright and early tomorrow morning. It has 20 multiple choice questions and if they get 15 of them correct (75%) they’ll be scheduled for citizenship ceremony where they’ll be take the oath of citizenship. Because I’m out of the country, my test will be scheduled after I return. I’m already a little nervous. (But I’m studying so I’m sure it’ll be fine) Continue reading Wish Sage and Daegan Luck! [UPDATED]

How we Ended Up in Canada

While Sage spent most of her childhood growing up in California, I spent most of my formative years in Vermont. At the time we met, though, she was living in Springfield, Missouri and I was living just over the Vermont/New Hampshire Border in West Lebanon, NH.  Thanks to the wonders of the Internet (I know, even in 1991!) we managed to meet and within two months went from meeting online to our first in-person meeting to living together for 25 years. And then people made an animation of the story this month. We lived together in the shared house I … Continue reading How we Ended Up in Canada