There’s a First Time For Everything

A few weeks back I was talking to my friend, Pallavi about my experiences learning Hindi and trips to India. After a while she said to me: “Hey! You should be on my radio show!”¬† Pallavi has a show on Radio Regent, a community-focused Internet radio station in Toronto. Her show, Stories with Pal, focuses on storytellers and the stories they tell. I admit I was a bit nervous doing anything live. I’d recorded a number of podcasts before, including my own, but never did anything I couldn’t edit afterward so this was new and different. I was nervous but … Continue reading There’s a First Time For Everything

Finding The Way to Discomfort

I only had one entry planned but just before I started work I watched this TED Talk. Boiled down it has one simple message: We grow when we’re a bit off balance. We stagnate when everything is predictable and comfortable. For me, I’d go one step further. I am happiest when I’m a little off balance. If I have too much sustained comfort, I start feeling a bit depressed and out of sorts. ¬†People who know me know I routinely do things that induce discomfort. I go on long bike trips that are challenging and take me places I have … Continue reading Finding The Way to Discomfort