Appreciating My Own Backyard: A Long Autumn Walk

In the interest of having a better time this year, I’m going to get out more often. And it starts with me inviting Daegan along for a photo walk. I’m particularly excited because thanks to his buying a new D-SLR camera for school, his old one has become a “hand me down” to me. So he is going to show me how to use it. Continue reading Appreciating My Own Backyard: A Long Autumn Walk

My Backyard

What, exactly, is my backyard like?

As I live near the top of a big highrise apartment, I don’t have a back yard in the true sense of the word. I don’t even have a balcony. I’m actually glad about this. We had one when we lived on the 11th floor and it was always loud and windy and not really a place to spend time – but we still paid rent for the space so it felt like wasted space.

Our buildings are inspired by the Brutalist Movement of the late 60’s early 70’s with lots of concrete and steel. One of the movement’s biggest proponents was a man who went by the name of Le Corbusier who was enamoured with the idea of the “Radiant City” – tall towers surrounded by green space. Our neighbourhood captures this well: Continue reading My Backyard