Engineering the Unexpected #2: Will I ever Learn?

It’s now 1989 – a couple of years after my first time trying (and succeeding – but not in a good way) to bring some unexpected excitement in to my life by lying to my parents and taking a spontaneous trip to the city. It’s 1989, though, and I haven’t really learned. I’ve made a couple more trips to Boston without much in the way of drama. I did, however make one ridiculous trip with only one friend, $15 and a Mobil credit card my parents gave me.  My parents never heard of those trips and apparently didn’t notice the … Continue reading Engineering the Unexpected #2: Will I ever Learn?


Last night I didn’t have time to go out for a ride, but with our tour coming up in about 2 weeks I need to get some kilometres under my belt. And so I signed myself up for the ZTR Thursday night race – my old standby from earlier this year. I set up my bike, fought with connecting it to the computer and then inflated the tires and calibrated the trainer. Calibration is needed because every tire and bike is different and you need to match up the proper pressure on the tire to make sure the resistance that … Continue reading DFL FTW