A Story from Our Life in the Yurt

It’s a hot summer day in the Missouri Ozarks. We have been living in a yurt with no electricity, running water, or a fan for about two years now. On the one hand it’s really great because without electric bills, heating bills, or significant rent we require very little to survive. This means I only have to work 10 hours or less a week. This is as we intended it as we moved here when my son was 5 months old so my partner and I could both be at home most of the time. Most summer days are pretty … Continue reading A Story from Our Life in the Yurt

One More Day!

Happy Friday! By the end of the day, Daegan and I will have picked up our last few things and packed anything we think we might need for a two week bicycle trip in to four large panniers. Generally speaking we’ll be bringing 3 changes of bike clothes, a couple street clothes outfits, bathing suits, a few simple spare parts and tools, a bunch of maps, a lightweight Chromebook and Daegan will bring his digital camera. Oh, and passports and Canadian Permanent Resident cards – we’ve a border to cross.  We’ll bring somewhere between 4-6 water bottles and of course … Continue reading One More Day!

How I Manage Business Travel Part 1: Family Balance

In the mid 90’s I took my first business trips. They were a bit isolating. I remember one in which I boarded a plane across the country for LA  and checked in to a hotel. This would be an exciting trip. Previous trips had no Internet access – there were only phone calls. They were prohibitively expensive so voice contact with my partner, Sage, was limited to a minute or two every few days to say, essentially “I’m OK.”  The LA trip would be different, though. We would have slow dial-up internet and could use it for chat. We were no … Continue reading How I Manage Business Travel Part 1: Family Balance