There’s a First Time For Everything

A few weeks back I was talking to my friend, Pallavi about my experiences learning Hindi and trips to India. After a while she said to me: “Hey! You should be on my radio show!”  Pallavi has a show on Radio Regent, a community-focused Internet radio station in Toronto. Her show, Stories with Pal, focuses on storytellers and the stories they tell. I admit I was a bit nervous doing anything live. I’d recorded a number of podcasts before, including my own, but never did anything I couldn’t edit afterward so this was new and different. I was nervous but … Continue reading There’s a First Time For Everything

Why I Give Up and Why I Should Quit it

It’s February of 2016 and I’m discouraged. I have been taking Hindi lessons for about 18 months, spending the better part of two hours reading, talking, learning some grammar, only to have to re-learn it again a few weeks later when it would completely fall out of my head. I felt like I was getting nowhere and in great part that was true. After all, if I’m truly honest – and I can be with you guys. Other than a Hindi film every few months, I would do all of my studying in the 30 minutes before that week’s class. … Continue reading Why I Give Up and Why I Should Quit it

समाचार देखना छोड़ने के बाद आप जिन चीजों पर गौर करने लगते हैं

Originally posted on वाह विज्ञान!:
डेविड केन मैं इस सोच के साथ बड़ा हुआ कि समाचारों से लगातार वाकिफ रहने से आप बेहतर नागरिक बनते हैं. आज, समाचार देखना छोड़ने के 8 साल बाद, मुझे यह विचार बचकाना लगता है- कि हर दिन सूचना के एक नीरस उत्पाद का उपभोग करके आप किसी तरह से एक चिंतनशील और जागरूक नागरिक बनते हैं जिससे समाज का कोई भला होता है. मगर मैं आज भी ऐसे कई लोगों से मिलता हूं जो एक बुद्धिमान, सक्रिय वयस्क द्वारा दैनिक समाचार देखना छोड़ देने की बात को सिरे से खारिज कर देते हैं. मैं यह स्पष्ट… Continue reading समाचार देखना छोड़ने के बाद आप जिन चीजों पर गौर करने लगते हैं

One Last Lesson

I haven’t had a Hindi lesson for a few weeks now. The last time I showed up, I met the other student I go with as I was walking from the subway station.  She was heading back. His door was locked. He wasn’t home.  A few days later we learned he had had a fall and was in hospital.  After that I had to go on my first November trip to Louisiana. When I came back, he was still in hospital but in reasonably good spirits. I made a few visits – sometimes alone, sometimes with another student. Each time … Continue reading One Last Lesson

Sunday in Louisiana

  It’s never good to sit alone all day in a hotel room on a business trip and so I made a plan yesterday to get out and do something and knock a few errands off as well.  And so it was that I rode up to Baton Rouge. First stop: time to check out Southfin Southern Poke.  For those of you not familiar, Poke bowls are a wonderfully delicious thing that seems to have originated in Hawaii (but looks a lot like hwe dup bap from Korea.  The basic idea is this: take a base of rice, put some … Continue reading Sunday in Louisiana

Experiences Learning my Second Language

Hindi was not the first non-English language I tried to learn. Not long after we moved to Canada I really was done with visiting the US (and to be honest, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I were never sent there again – sorry, fellow Americans) but with a US passport I was a great candidate for my company to send to the states as I don’t need a visa to work there – I just show up. I thought perhaps if I learned to speak French I could be sent to work on projects in our Quebec office.  I started … Continue reading Experiences Learning my Second Language