Guest Post: Sage Goes to Chicago

I’m sitting on the couch and I’m wailing, “But I don’t LIKE travelling by myself. Why did I say I’d go? I hate being a tourist and there’s nothing else to do in a strange city. I wish I could spend the next six days getting WORK done instead of going to stupid CHICAGO.”

“How about this,” says my partner Todd, “How about we give you a Photo Treasure Hunt? That gives you a reason to wander around the city.” Continue reading Guest Post: Sage Goes to Chicago

The Library is My Temple

Seeing a beautiful library for me is almost like Darshan. I will go and pay my respects to the library (and sometimes my fines) and then I get prasad in the form of books and knowledge. And the blessings that knowledge gives can be huge. Even now, I am on something of a pilgrimage, visiting all 100 Toronto libraries, one by one. It wasn’t until today, though, I realized that I’m something of a missionary as well. Continue reading The Library is My Temple