Guest Post: Sage Goes to Chicago

I’m sitting on the couch and I’m wailing, “But I don’t LIKE travelling by myself. Why did I say I’d go? I hate being a tourist and there’s nothing else to do in a strange city. I wish I could spend the next six days getting WORK done instead of going to stupid CHICAGO.”

“How about this,” says my partner Todd, “How about we give you a Photo Treasure Hunt? That gives you a reason to wander around the city.” Continue reading Guest Post: Sage Goes to Chicago

The Library is My Temple

Seeing a beautiful library for me is almost like Darshan. I will go and pay my respects to the library (and sometimes my fines) and then I get prasad in the form of books and knowledge. And the blessings that knowledge gives can be huge. Even now, I am on something of a pilgrimage, visiting all 100 Toronto libraries, one by one. It wasn’t until today, though, I realized that I’m something of a missionary as well. Continue reading The Library is My Temple

Toronto by Library #22: North York Central

This library is the second-largest public library in the city. The largest is the Toronto Reference Library but most of the books at that library can’t be checked out. So this has, for a long time, been my favourite library. That said, it’s been closed for renovations for some time and I’ve missed it. Even today, it’s not fully open. Only three of the seven floors are open. But I couldn’t wait to take a look. Continue reading Toronto by Library #22: North York Central

I’m so ashamed!

Guys. I have a confession to make. For all I love about the library. For all I promote it, for all the great things I say about it. I’m a terrible library patron. We’ve improved a bunch over the years – especially since starting  the Toronto by Library project – I can’t avoid going to a library regularly. Our peak of bad behaviour, was in the mid 1990’s when we lived in Bethlehem, PA. At one point we were going to accept a job and relocate back to the Boston area. In the whirlwind of planning and getting ready to … Continue reading I’m so ashamed!