Where’s my impulsiveness gone?

Next Saturday I start a two week vacation. Daegan and I have both arranged time off from work and since I locked my time in I’ve been trying to settle on what we’re doing.  I know for sure there will be a bike trip involved but beyond that the details are murky. It started as a trip to Calgary – we even booked flights. And then, after a bit of hemming and hawing, and online research I came to the conclusion that it was going to be ridiculously expensive just to bring bikes once we paid the baggage fees for … Continue reading Where’s my impulsiveness gone?

The Thing About Planning

With our train tickets in hand Daegan and I began planing in earnest yesterday.  Our upcoming trip is bookended by two dates: July 22nd on which we board a train in Toronto and ride to Montreal where we spend a night in a hostel in the Plateau, and August 5th where we board a train in in Montreal bound for home. What comes in between is, at the most part nebulous. There will be cycling, no doubt, as that’s how we’ll be getting around. We’ll see a few people I know. There will likely be some swimming, Daegan will take … Continue reading The Thing About Planning