The Consequences of (and remedies for) Procrastination

Yesterday afternoon I finally got around to doing something I’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks now: I took Daegan’s bike to the bike shop for a quick tune-up and check-out. This is definitely something to do before a 600 km bike ride. Who wants to have a massive mechanical failure 50 kilometres from the nearest bike shop in a place with no public transit? Not me! So good on me. I was preventing a catastrophe. I rode the couple of kilometres to the shop. I had called earlier in the day and they assured me that if … Continue reading The Consequences of (and remedies for) Procrastination

Birthday Resolution

Last night I got a few well wishes for my birthday from India where it was already well in to my birthday already.  One of the folks who called asked me “What is your resolution?”  I hadn’t heard of resolutions outside of New Years Day but the idea was intriguing and really well timed.  I was caught off guard with nothing prepared and asked for some time to think about it.  I filed the information in the back of my mind and chewed on it from time to time last night, and in to this morning.  By the morning I … Continue reading Birthday Resolution

A Week of Near-Balance

If you’ve been here a while, you’ve likely noticed that I’m often pushing myself. Pushing for productivity, pushing to get more interesting things done in the time I’m allotted, pushing to avoid procrastination and so on. This week, I completed a new experiment doing a few things: The first was to quit micro-managing every minute. My to-do list still existed, but reminders were only for major things like “Start work at 8:00 AM” or specific appointments. This made it easier to focus and made my reminders more valuable. They really were important things, not planning my life to the nearest … Continue reading A Week of Near-Balance

Meanwhile in the Land of Getting Things Done

I’m struggling a little bit lately as my recent writing dry spell likely has made clear.  I am trying to get lots done and struggling with motivation all at the same time – on a whole bunch of fronts. Exercise: I’m trying really hard to ride 60-90 minutes in a day 5-6 days a week. It not only is good for my body, it’s great for my mind. I’m always in a fantastic mood after intense exercise. I’m managing this about 60% of where I want to be. I start with good intentions, setting an alarm for 5:00 AM and … Continue reading Meanwhile in the Land of Getting Things Done

Facebook Profile Deleted

It is funny that today’s Daily Post Prompt is “Delivery” as today is the day that my Facebook profile was scheduled for irrecoverable deletion. And yet, the result of this has been a number of things that feel like they’ve been delivered to me. Time: I got a massive delivery of free time from leaving Facebook. It had become a huge time sink for me as I could spend quite some time posting there and then checking back, responding to posts, liking other posts, hoping for likes on mine. And like in the old days before we got rid of TV … Continue reading Facebook Profile Deleted