थाई टोफू करी – Thai Tofu Curry

For English speakers, you can find the original recipe that this recipe, one of my favourite dinners, is based on here. नोट: शायद कुछ सामग्रियां  उपलब्ध नहीं हो सके इसीलिए मैंने उन सामग्रियों के  विकल्प का सुझाव भी दिया है| … Continue reading थाई टोफू करी – Thai Tofu Curry

Cooking: Refried Bean Burritos

A person who just came to this site this week might think our family eats almost exclusively Indian food but really, our preferences are a bit more broad than that. As I described it to someone recently: we like big flavours – flavours that make you gasp with excitement the first time you taste them. It might be the flavour of a Panang curry, or the deceptively named “Water-boiled fish” from Sichuan province in China that is not just flavourful but filled with chillies and Sichuan pepper that makes your mouth a little bit numb. It might be a rasam from South India, or it could be a salsa from Mexico. If the people of a country love exciting and bold flavours chances are we love their food. Continue reading Cooking: Refried Bean Burritos