There’s a First Time For Everything

A few weeks back I was talking to my friend, Pallavi about my experiences learning Hindi and trips to India. After a while she said to me: “Hey! You should be on my radio show!”  Pallavi has a show on Radio Regent, a community-focused Internet radio station in Toronto. Her show, Stories with Pal, focuses on storytellers and the stories they tell. I admit I was a bit nervous doing anything live. I’d recorded a number of podcasts before, including my own, but never did anything I couldn’t edit afterward so this was new and different. I was nervous but … Continue reading There’s a First Time For Everything

Engineering the Unexpected #2: Will I ever Learn?

It’s now 1989 – a couple of years after my first time trying (and succeeding – but not in a good way) to bring some unexpected excitement in to my life by lying to my parents and taking a spontaneous trip to the city. It’s 1989, though, and I haven’t really learned. I’ve made a couple more trips to Boston without much in the way of drama. I did, however make one ridiculous trip with only one friend, $15 and a Mobil credit card my parents gave me.  My parents never heard of those trips and apparently didn’t notice the … Continue reading Engineering the Unexpected #2: Will I ever Learn?

Where’s my impulsiveness gone?

Next Saturday I start a two week vacation. Daegan and I have both arranged time off from work and since I locked my time in I’ve been trying to settle on what we’re doing.  I know for sure there will be a bike trip involved but beyond that the details are murky. It started as a trip to Calgary – we even booked flights. And then, after a bit of hemming and hawing, and online research I came to the conclusion that it was going to be ridiculously expensive just to bring bikes once we paid the baggage fees for … Continue reading Where’s my impulsiveness gone?