Following Through

Over the years I have always had this intent to try a deceptively simple practice. Whenever you think you should do something, instead of weaseling your way out of it or finding a reason to justify why you don’t need to do it, you just do it. Instead of thinking “I should really make dinner…but I’m going to go out for Thai food instead.” you just make dinner. If you find that you’re missing the coconut milk you need to make the dish happen, you just dash out to the store and grab it. Instead of thinking “But it’s cold … Continue reading Following Through

One Day Down

Not a bad day at work. I met all my goals for the day. Aside from working (which I can’t really talk much about except to say I had a 2 hour presentation today that went pretty well), I had a couple of goals and I feel like I managed them. I wanted to run at least 30 minutes today. I had hoped to head over to the nearby track for some outdoor running as the weather was nice. Sadly, I was at the office late and the traffic just gets worse and worse here. The towns here are small … Continue reading One Day Down