The Consequences of (and remedies for) Procrastination

Yesterday afternoon I finally got around to doing something I’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks now: I took Daegan’s bike to the bike shop for a quick tune-up and check-out. This is definitely something to do before a 600 km bike ride. Who wants to have a massive mechanical failure 50 kilometres from the nearest bike shop in a place with no public transit? Not me! So good on me. I was preventing a catastrophe. I rode the couple of kilometres to the shop. I had called earlier in the day and they assured me that if … Continue reading The Consequences of (and remedies for) Procrastination

Saturday Blahs – Description and Treatment

Clinically speaking, blahs are not a particularly worrisome condition. Think of it more as an extended feeling of stasis. As much as you’d like to have movement or activity, you just can’t settle on something to do.  That’s pretty much where I am at the moment. Work wise, things are quite slow. No major deadlines, a short trip coming up in a few weeks depending on what kind of blow Hurricane Nate deals the Baton Rouge area. Next year could be pretty darned busy but for now, it’s mostly housekeeping work.  And training, I’m doing lots of training which is … Continue reading Saturday Blahs – Description and Treatment