It is Done

Let me tell you. It wasn’t easy to find this. Facebook help was hilarious. The help page talked about what would happen – it would take up to 90 days, you would lose all your data (so download a copy) and a simple link to “contact us” if you still want to leave. Sounds simple, but the “Contact Us” page leads to… The main help page with no contact info there.  Look in the support inbox, nothing there.  Finally, I realized that they were going to be no help. And so I did a google search which led me to … Continue reading It is Done

Facebook is on to my Tricks (And I am on to Theirs!)

I started this blog a couple of weeks ago – about the same time as my last Facebook login. While I was there I mentioned that I would likely be doing writing here and not posting to Facebook anymore. Savvy friends suggested I set up WordPress to automatically share posts to Facebook. It was a brilliant idea and helped get things started here.  But over the past couple of days I noticed my referrals from Facebook were dropping and were almost zero today.  I suspect Facebook caught on to me – that I was only using them. And so, today, … Continue reading Facebook is on to my Tricks (And I am on to Theirs!)

Facebook Break

Friends of mine (and at this early stage, I think it’s only friends reading) have asked about my “Facebook break”. Why did I do it? What has it been like? How long will it last? There are a few reasons why. The most obvious is what a time sink it has become for me. It is such an easy spot to go when bored or lazy and see what’s happening. If I’m lucky there are messages or notifications. If I’m not, there’s always the feed – an infinitely long road filled with statuses, photos, and shared links.  Some of it … Continue reading Facebook Break